Private Label

End-to-end private label apparel design, manufacturing and distribution
Discover the power of personalized branding as we help you create unique, custom-made apparel that embodies your brand's essence.
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Private Label

Private Label Apparel Life-Cycle Tailored To Your Brand:

Each of these steps is imbued with our promise of enriched communication and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Your success is our mission.
Step 1

Store Walk Throughs

The Fred David design and sales team gets immersed in your brand's ethos as we conduct in-depth retail store walkthroughs. By understanding your retail brand's style and the atmosphere it cultivates, we create apparel that seamlessly aligns with your identity.
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Step 2

Trend And Color Research

Leverage the power of market intelligence as we meticulously track evolving fashion trends and color theories. Our research keeps your collection on the cutting edge, ensuring your designs are relevant and enticing.
Step 3

Fabric Development

Step into a world of innovation with our dedicated fabric development department. We work closely with overseas suppliers to pioneer unseen, fascinating textiles. The balance we strike between comfort, durability, and novelty in our fabrics sets us apart, ensuring your private label remains unique and ahead of the curve.
Step 4

Sample Development

Watch your ideas take physical form with our preliminary sample development. This process provides a tangible representation of your line, allowing for critical analysis and refinement before presentation.
Step 5

Line Presentation to Customer

A harmonious blend of initial designs and evolved concepts, this interactive meeting is a catalyst for customization, guiding us towards a collection that resonates with your brand.
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Step 6

Additional Customization Based On Feedback

Benefit from our customer-centric approach as we incorporate your valuable feedback. We refine and tweak designs until your vision is perfectly articulated, ensuring your line is a true reflection of your brand, taking into account your specific season colors and print themes.
Step 7

Final Style Selection

Reach the decisive stage of the process, the final style selection. Here, we solidify the direction of your brand's narrative, locking in designs that speak your language and resonate with your customers
Step 8

Samples For Approval In Customer Specs

Experience our commitment to precision as we produce pre-production samples adhering to your brand's specifications and fit. This final round of evaluations ensures every detail aligns with your expectations before we proceed to bulk production.
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Step 9

Production And Delivery

Experience the culmination of collaboration, creativity, and craftsmanship as your collection transitions into production. Our stringent quality control processes ensure impeccable results, leading to a timely delivery that echoes our commitment to speed-to-market.

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Ready Stock?

We offer retailers the convenience of quick inventory replenishment and speed-to-market through an available-to-ship stock program 12 months a year.

Striving For A Better
Fashion Future

Fred David is committed to offering sustainable fabrications, embracing responsibly sourced materials, and implementing eco-friendly production processes. With a focus on integrity, accessibility, and driving positive change within the industry, we are redefining fashion for a better, sustainable tomorrow.
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